Here we have the first shot of some text displayed on the screen. Lorimar Presents. Who or what is Lorimar? The name of the studio who produced the film, perhaps?

Our next shot is of a man in an archway, his leg bent at a near-90 degree angle. It will be interesting to find out who this man is, and what he’s doing in that archway, and what other angles he can bend his leg into.

In our third shot, Al Pacino sits at, what we can only presume to be, a table or desk of some sort. He is looking at a piece of paper with a bunch of peoples faces on it. He looks uncomfortable.

Pretty good shot here. This is number four.

Some guys walking through a wooded area in shot five. Wonder where they’re going.

This shot should be familiar, its shot three but different this time. Still flipping that paper around.

Up next we have those fellas in the woods again. You guys ever heard of a flashlight? C’mon.


Excellent shot of a guy walking in what appears to be Central Park. I’ve been there. It’s nice.

Excellent shot of some night-time foliage in scene 10.


A runny nose doesn’t stand a chance against Al Pacino and his trusty handkerchief. He doesn’t look sick in this scene, though.

Some real tough customers in scene 13 including a cowboy and some bikers. I smell trouble for our hero..

Oh shit its that chick from superman. Whats her name.

Update: That’s none other than Margot Kidder, gang. Who knew.

Here we see Pacino training for something.. possibly an intense tumble with the biker gang from before.

Looks like the action is picking up now. Judging by the size of that knife, some guy is about to cut Pacino off a pretty substantial slice of birthday cake. Save room for ice cream, guys! The other party goers bound up the steps to join our hero at the party. I guess they showed up fashionably late. :P

A lot of men with their shirts off in this picture. Guess they don’t have A/C here.

This seems fine.

Another workout shot and spliced between that, a guy talking to Pacino about something. Probably about what kind of workouts he does.

Ok now this is interesting. In shot 20 we see some sweaty guys walking back and forth. Are they friend or foe? Whats that at the end of this shot? A knife? I knew I smelled trouble.

False alarm! It’s party time!

Well as they say in the biz, “that’s a fin.” Pretty good shot at the end here of the word “Cruising” which also happens to be the film’s title. I wonder if that was intentional.